About Us

Cold Air Storage and Cooling Devices For Your Name: Emre Panel

Emre Panel is one of the leading companies in the sector with innovative products and services developed on cold storage solutions. Our company, which targets a better world with steps that are sensitive to human and environmental health, ensures that people always get the solutions they have planned with the quality they offer at the same time. Our company, which provides solutions to the health and quality standards related to cold room panels, cold room doors, refrigeration devices, cold air warehouses, serves with the awareness that these products are used with very important areas for human health.

Human and Nature Friendly Solutions

All the cooling systems offered by Emre Panel are nature and human friendly. Our systems are especially preferred in the food and health field, so we focus on quality in all systems that provide protection for products that come into contact with humans. Offering both budget and environmentally friendly solutions with cooling systems that have A ++ energy saving, Emre Panel also offers well developed products in terms of energy saving. With our cold storage and cold room panels, our company aims to keep every product fresh and up to the maximum time, and always presents the best with its dynamic team following the latest technology. You can benefit from the quality products and services of the Emre Panel in order to have fresh and healthy foods in every season, to ensure that your work is kept in suitable environment or to protect the perishable drugs like vaccine.

Solutions to Quality Standards

Emre Panel is a business model that always directs the dynamics of the sector and raises the quality of services and products, so that people always get the best. Having every improvement we need to be able to guide the industry, our company has internationally accepted cold storage standards. It conforms to the TSE requirements for cold room panels and cold room warehouses. Our company, which has TSE-HYO Service Qualification Certificate, GOST R Conformity Certificate, UKR-Sepro Certificate, TUV-Ammonia Evaporators, ISO-14001 Certificate, ISO-9001 Certificate and ISO-18001 Certificate certifications, always aims to provide the most competent service. Emre Panel which always keeps quality at the highest level with the standards developed about cooling systems and cooling devices, serves every need with the pride of meeting with the same devotion.